Criteria for Application

The original chapel at  Kirwan House , North Circular Road.

The original chapel at Kirwan House, North Circular Road.

Since 1991, Kirwan House has operated as a Trust Fund to award bursaries to assist in the education of children who were Church of Ireland or of Protestant Churches in Ireland who were in need. It is Ireland's oldest charity, established in 1791 (Charity Number: CHY 1711.) 

There is a Board of Governors, consisting of 10 members at present, which makes the decisions on the awarding of bursaries. The amount of money Kirwan House has to distribute is limited and the Governors aim to award bursaries to those families who are most in need. The decision of the Board is final.

  • School students are only eligible for a bursary from Kirwan House if:

    • They are baptised within one of the Protestant faiths as accepted on the Irish Council of Churches website. Baptists and Quakers also considered.

    • They are going forward for confirmation. There must be an accompanying letter from a clergy person who knows the family to confirm this.

  • Bursaries are awarded to students in secondary education.

  • In general, families who are in receipt of Band 1 and 2 SEC Grants make up the bulk of those who receive bursaries from Kirwan House. In schools which have joined the Free School Fees Scheme, the Board of Governors study the application forms fully before they make any decisions.

  • Application forms are sent out in January.

  • They must be completed fully, correctly filled out and returned to the Secretary by March 31st.

  • Where possible, the new families are visited by two of the Governors.

  • Where possible, as long as the financial circumstances remain the same, Kirwan House aspires to support existing families so that students can remain in the school throughout their secondary education.

  • Photocopies of P60, P45 and Social Welfare Documents for the relevant year are acceptable.